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RVs are more popular now than ever before. With the pandemic putting this exciting form of vacationing back on the map, we are still seeing a huge demand for this popular type of vehicle. And, with more and more people working from home, we’re seeing digital nomads living out of their RVs and people buying old buses and recreational vehicles to convert into small mobile homes.

As with all other types of vehicles, RVs can occasionally also need to be towed. Whether your RV has broken down and you need to have it towed to be repaired in the closest RV garage or if you have bought an old camper or RV and need to have it towed for repairs and renovations or if you want to tow an RV to where you will be living in it, Palmway Towing can tow your RV safely to its destination for you.

Working out of San Mateo, CA, Palmway Towing provides a wide range of towing services and solves all your roadside problems, in the area.

We are always happy to hear from our customers, and new and returning customers, and will do whatever we can to help them.

If you need help towing your RV, we are always available to help you tow your second (or in some cases, first) home no matter what time of the day you need us. We have teams working around the clock, so if you’re stuck in the middle of the night you don’t have to wait until the morning, just give us a call and we’ll immediately send our dependable, expert RV towing technicians to help you.

Prepare for the RV Life

So, you’ve bought yourself an RV and now all you have to do is pack your bags and get on the road. Or is it? Not so fast. Here are a few things that our RV experts suggest you should do to prepare for your trip.

Once you’ve decided where you want to go, look for the best campsites to stay at. Do your research with a few things in mind – how long you want to be driving per day, your budget, and find a campsite that is friendly to your needs.

Don’t forget to book the campsite in advance, you don’t want to get there to find it is full.

Make sure you have a paper map because you never know when you won’t have cell service.

Plan for stopping at gas stations along the way.

Plan to stop for breaks every couple of hours if you’re driving far.

Make sure you have everything you need with you in the RV, including things you may need for an emergency – a first aid kit, spare batteries, flashlights, etc.

Know what you are going to do if the RV breaks down at any point in your trip. Save the phone numbers of reputable RV towing service providers, both in your phone and in a notebook.

Be careful, be safe, and most important – have a blast!

Palmway Towing’s Services

Palmway Towing serves all types of vehicles in the San Mateo, CA area, from the smallest to heavy-duty vehicles. We serve trucks and boats. trailers, SUVs, semis, Box Trucks, RVs, and buses and we also tow all types of machinery and heavy equipment, including excavators, loaders, motor graders, trenchers, bulldozers, backhoes, Dump trucks, cement trucks, garbage trucks, all tractors.

Our expert towing technicians are all trained and certified. They have experience working with all the above vehicles and more.

We also provide roadside assistance to drivers who we can help on the spot, for example with changing flat tires, giving car battery jumpstart, or delivery of gas to remote destinations. Our services also cover auto locksmith solutions.
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Call Palmway Towing at (650) 667-5755 if you need our help towing your RV. We work 24/7 for all your towing and roadside assistance needs.