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Trusty Heavy Duty Towing in San Mateo, CA

You are driving the long beautiful roads of San Mateo with your shiny brand new semi-trailer. Suddenly, you pull over as the vehicle slowly loses momentum and refuses to speed up again in spite of your attempts. Who are you gonna call? (Hint: not the Ghost Busters). You are going to call us, Palmway Towing, because we and our network of independently owned and licensed affiliates deliver heavy-duty towing solutions to our customers’ complete and consistent satisfaction. Even if you drive a smaller truck, a bus, a 4X4, an RV, or a tractor, we handle them all, perfectly. We are glad to provide our local community of San Mateo with a 24/7 available towing service, with an emergency response time. Our team of technicians will also get to the scene of events throughout the vicinity of San Mateo, for your comfort.

Additional Roadside Assistance Solutions in San Mateo, CA

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Palmway Towing – 24/7 Professional Work!

Heavy-duty towing requires the right kind of equipment, which includes proper tow trucks and operating tools. You will probably not be able to pull a 20-ton vehicle otherwise. Our licensed and bonded technicians are trained to handle these kinds of machinery, in order to deliver precise and effective heavy-duty towing solutions, at all times.
Since glitches and mechanical failures are unexpected even in the sturdiest of vehicles, our services are available regardless of the time of day. All heavy-duty towing solutions are based on cutting-edge technology that allows us to keep the towing process fast and simple, without the risks entailed in moving a heavy and large vehicle inappropriately. As you can imagine, pulling a truck out of a river after it skidded off the main road is not a job that can be performed with a mere tow bar.

No Doubt Who To Call To!

When you encounter roadside trouble that is heavy on your mind, let us take off the load. Contact us at (650) 667-5755 and enjoy a perfectly delivered heavy-duty towing service at the hands of our capable professionals. We make it seem as easy as a piece of cake, albeit a large one.