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24Hr Car Towing Service in San Mateo

Knowing that you have a 24-hour car towing service in your own town makes roadside malfunctions a whole lot more manageable, and a whole less troubling, let alone when that towing company is local to San Mateo. Getting stuck with your vehicle at the side of the road, and sometimes even down right in the middle of it, is a frustrating, annoying hassle your car can be extremely time-wasting. Palmway Towing and its network of independently owned and licensed affiliates keep a well-trained and reliable team of professional technicians, who will be at your service around the clock, and with a fast arrival time. We will gladly provide the complete solution to your roadside problem, anywhere in San Mateo and its surroundings.

Palmway Towing – A Constant Service, to Your Satisfaction!

One of the greatest advantages of having a local company by your side is its ability to provide 24/7 service with extremely short ETAs while being thoroughly familiar with the roads of San Mateo. This means that whenever you experience roadside trouble, our experienced and bonded technicians will reach your precise location, delivering a 24-hour car towing service, quickly and easily, so you will be smooth sailing in no time. Night or day, off-road or on the highway, we at Palmway Towing will get the job completed to our customer’s complete satisfaction.

Our Comprehensive Roadside Services

Palmway Towing‘s highly skilled technicians are always available for any emergency that knocks on our door. For us, there is no such thing as ‘office hours’, as roadside emergencies are unpredictable and might be needed at all times.
People get locked out of their cars on a daily basis and also stray from their planned course due to flat tires and mechanical failures. Sometimes cars gradually slow down until they come to a full stop just because their gas tank was not filled in time. Sometimes the distance to an available gas station is just too great. What will be the next call coming through to our call center? Well, it does not really matter, since we take care of everything, everywhere.
Contact us at (650) 667-5755 for a quick resolution to a messy roadside situation for affordable rates.