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Accident Removal Services in San Mateo, CA

Accidents happen, that’s just a fact of life. We are never ready for them and always try to prevent them, but no matter how safe a driver you are sometimes accidents just happen. Even the most careful of drivers are sometimes involved in accidents, you could skid on an icy road or another driver could drive into you. No matter what caused the accident you will have to take care of matters like insurance and moving your vehicle off the road after the occurrence. Palmway towing and its network of independently owned and licensed affiliates provide speedy and efficient accident removal services in San Mateo, we will come in and help you out after being involved in such a terrible situation.

Palmway Towing – Constantly On Standby!

Palmway towing has a team of towing operations that work in the San Mateo area and are on constant standby, ready to provide accident removal services when called. The team works around the clock and all year round.
We have years of experience with towing and accident removal and can honestly say that ‘we have seen it all’. Our experience enables us to perform our job seamlessly. We arrive at the scene of the accident as quickly as possible after it has occurred and that’s when our job begins.

Quickly Clearing The Streets

Thanks to the demanding training that all our operators have gone through, and keep taking, they are champs when it comes to clearing the streets of San Mateo after accidents. Palmway towing has a fast arrival time and once they reach the location of the accident our operators do not waste any time. Removing a vehicle that has been involved in an accident from the road can be quite a difficult and lengthy task and it has to be done speedily and carefully.
In order to keep San Mateo’s roads open after traffic accidents have occurred we need to work quickly to move the damaged vehicle off the road. Any delay may cause traffic jams as well as additional accidents. Removing vehicles that have been left on the road is a dangerous job and one that should only be done by operators that have been trained to do it.

Keeping San Mateo Safe

One of our goals at Palmway towing is to keep the streets of Sam Mateo safe therefore we take accident removal very seriously. You can depend on us to respond promptly to all related calls and to get the job done as quickly and safely as possible.

For any towing and roadside assistance service – please feel free to contact us 24 hours at (650) 667-5755