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Would you Trust a Self Driving Car?

Would you Trust a Self Driving Car?

Would you trust a computer to drive you to work every morning? How about taking yourself and your family to the mall at weekends? Self-driving cars may have seemed like a distant dream in 2002’s sci-fi hit Minority Report: we … Read more

How To Prepare Your Car for Summer

When seasons change many things are affected and we should take into account the implications. Just as we prepare our homes, put away warm winter clothes etc. so do we need to prepare our cars for the hot season to … Read more

Six tips to do when waiting for a towing provider

Despite the promises of towing companies to arrive earlier, there are times that they cannot be on time. Several factors may affect the delivery of their services, but while waiting for them to come, vehicle drivers or customers have to … Read more

How to React in a Case of Emergency?

Stuck on the highway and you don’t know what to do? follow these 5 simple tips that will help you to solve the situation.