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How To Prepare Your Car for Summer

When seasons change many things are affected and we should take into account the implications. Just as we prepare our homes, put away warm winter clothes etc. so do we need to prepare our cars for the hot season to come. In this blog post you’ll find useful information about how to ensure that your car is ready for summer so that you will have no unpleasant surprises such as midway breakdowns or even, in worse case scenarios, find yourself involved in car crashes which could have been avoided.

Tires are the Only Things Keeping Your Vehicle Firmly Attached to the Road

If you ever find yourself having to decide whether time has come to replace your car’s tires or if you can postpone doing so until the next changing of seasons we suggest you remember that ultimately what ensures that your car firmly grips the road it’s traveling on are its tires. We tend to think that having good tires is especially important during winter since wet, cold, muddy roads tend to be slippery, but summer brings with it other challenges, a dry, worn out tire may suddenly burst while you’re driving along causing severe danger of collision.

When spring comes it is essential that you inspect your car’s tires. If they are over three years old and are showing signs of cracks (dry rubber tends to crack) or being worn out, do not take any chances and have them replaced. If you don’t know enough about tires in order to inspect them yourself have a professional do it for you.

Brakes and Steering

Modern brake and steering systems are hydraulic. As spring changes into summer you should make sure that levels of hydraulic fluids of both steering and brakes systems are in order, if there are any leaks or if there are any parts showing signs of aging (such as dry rubber hoses) they should be tended to. Again, for most of us having steering and brake systems inspected means swinging by our mechanic’s workshop.


Unlike HVAC systems at home in our cars the air-conditioning system is used only for cooling (the engine’s heat is harnessed for heating). This means that the heating may work fine while cooling does not. Before hot days arrive and you really need it try out the air-conditioning system, if it seems to be less effective than you remember have a professional take a look, it may be that the cooling gas needs topping off.


Many motorists don’t realize this but car batteries tend to die out in summer too and not only in winter. Take a look at your car’s battery, if it’s over two years old have it checked out by a professional, it may need to be replaced.

Getting your car ready for summer is extremely important since it is not only a matter of comfort but also a matter of safety. We strongly suggest you act responsibly and get all of the above checked out before summer sets in.